District 60 Of The Year Awards Forms 2018-2019
July 1, 2018 to June 30, 2019
Submission Deadline: July 31, 2019
For full details, refer to General Guidelines for all Awards

Of The Year Awards Forms

The 2018-2019 Of The Year Awards Forms are in protected Excel sheets for the roles of Toastmaster, President, Area Director and Division Director. They contain the General Guidelines for all Awards in the first tab. Use the links and criteria to guide you in your role to excellence. Help text is available for most criteria. Submit the completed form for a nominee or yourself in July 2019 to otya@toastmasters60.com.

All forms in one file: District60-OfTheYearAwards-2018-2019.xlsx

Toastmaster of the Year: District60-TMOfTheYearAwards-2018-2019.xlsx

President of the Year: District60-PresidentOfTheYearAwards-2018-2019.xlsx

Area Director of the Year: District60-ADOfTheYearAwards-2018-2019.xlsx

Division Director of the Year: District60-DivDOfTheYearAwards-2018-2019.xlsx

1. The purpose of these awards is to:

a. Encourage excellence for each category and award members for helping District 60 and for helping our members achieve their Toastmasters Goals

b. Provide tools for our club and district levels so that they can encourage, monitor and recognize our members, clubs, areas and divisions

c. Provide tips to our members on how to contribute towards the success for our clubs, area, division and district

2. The criteria use a balance of measurable goals and written feedback / testimonials on observed behaviours and contributions. The nominee is expected to excel in most of the categories rather than in just a few categories

3. The 5 criteria used are:

1. Club & Membership Building and Retention

2. Distinguished Status

3. Education and Training

4. Leadership, Commitment and Support

5. Public Relations

4. All Toastmaster members of District 60 clubs in good standing are eligible to nominate themselves or be nominated for the role or roles that they have performed by completing the appropriate form(s)

5. Members of the District Executive Committee are expected to contribute to the District Mission at higher levels than non-Committee members hence are only eligible for the Area or Division Director of the Year Award as appropriate